Think Bingo is an online gambling establishment.

Think Bingo is an online gambling establishment.

It would seem that there are two distinct manifestations of the color pink within the realms of online casino and bingo. On the one hand, there is a vivid and bold pink that is quite gaudy and seems to be of poor quality. On the other hand, there is a pink that is more refined, after having been polished and trimmed. Thankfully, in our opinion at least, the latter is the case with Think Bingo.

The color, on its own, is a mystery in and of itself. Think about movies like “Legally Blonde” and other cinematic and cultural icons to get an idea of the stereotype that comes with the color pink. And yet, pink is now one of the most popular colors. Just the other day, we noticed a man who seemed to be extremely macho wearing pink shoes and hanging out on the street corner with a pink iPhone 7. The use of pink flourishes has been particularly popular among men’s apparel businesses in general for a very long time.

As a result, despite the fact that the cultural history of the Western world may lead you to believe that the color pink is associated with femininity, this is actually something that we have learned rather than something that is hardwired into our systems, and as a result, it is no longer relevant in any meaningful sense. In this particular instance, it also makes for a rather appealing landing page and overall website design. This is especially true when combined with midnight blues and purples, a decision that we have to say elevates Think Bingo above many of its competitors in terms of how it looks in comparison to the competition. I applaud your efforts.

Departing From the Norm or Convention

Aside from that, we’ve come across very few home pages that deviate from the typical layout, and this is one of the very few that does so. If you scroll down the page, however, you’ll find that things get a little more interesting. At the top of the page, you’ll find the brand, along with a short row of menu links that include Home, Bingo, Games, and Promotions, and then a stationary section advertising how the website offers “Amazing jackpots every six minutes!” (certainly something worth bragging about), but if you scroll down further, you’ll find that things get even more interesting.

To begin, there is a scrolling ticker that shows user names as well as the most recent prizes won. OK, so that isn’t exactly ground-breaking, but underneath this there is a Bingo table that actually allows players to communicate with one other. The first table that is shown explains what prizes are up for grabs in the Free Bingo rooms. Although the figures got as high as £250 when we checked the site, which isn’t terrible if you haven’t actually spent any money on the game, these jackpots are quite modest, as you may have anticipated they would be given the nature of the game.

There are further tabs for 90-Ball Bingo, 75-Ball Bingo, Jackpot Bingo, Bingo Party, 5K Eggcellent Bingo, and 2K Sunnyside Bingo. It is not quite evident why there are egg references, and we will discuss each one in turn, but at least the information on the services that this website provides can be gleaned from a quick scan. And this trend continues further down the page, as you are then presented with a selection of Featured Games, which are essentially a mix of slots and other quick win games, elaborating once more on the fact that this website offers more than just bingo alone.

How to Perform

You could believe that there is no need for there to be a distinct bingo section of the site accessible before you actually sign in. This is because there is an entire interactive table on the Think Bingo website that advertises precisely what kinds of bingo are available to play there. Now, youngsters, you need to rethink that. When you choose the bingo option from the menu at the very top of the website, you will be sent to a screen that seems to contain just the aforementioned bingo table. This time, though, there is a whole chapter devoted to instructions on how to play the game. Each iteration of the bingo formula has its own part devoted to detailing the ins and outs of the game, and these sections have more to recommend them than a typeface that was poorly selected. Unquestionably superior than anything else we have seen anywhere else.

Other Games That Are Available

You will then be led to a variety of slots if you click on the Games option that is located in the top row of the menu. When we say “selection,” what we really mean is “vast choice.” This is wonderful for individuals who want something other than just straight up bingo, and it definitely assures that this site is going to prove to be much more popular than many of its rivals will be able to.

In general, the slot machines are of a very high and contemporary level, which should make them appealing to even those players who have been slotting (if that’s even a term that makes sense when used to this context) for a number of years. Better than the typical menu that was served up at the “digital bar” for years and years after online gambling first became available to the public.

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